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Mobile Adoptions - Weekly at Petsmart in Springfield, MO

          Vehicle Driver - Requires the proper driver licensing. Experience in pulling a trailer. Willing and able to donate a full day.  Leave facility at 7 a.m., transport animals to Petsmart.  Help with adoption setup. Remain at adoption location during adoption hours (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) Help with adoption breakdown and load trailer and animals.  Return to facility and unload animals.

          Adoption Volunteer - Training needed for adoption protocol organization requires.  Good skills with people and basic knowledge with animals. Available for adoptions hours. Willing to walk dogs and perform cleanup involving the needs of the animals.

          Setup/Breakdown Crew -  Not able to spend the day at adoptions? Help with setup and/or breakdown.  You would need to be available 9 a.m. and/or 3:30 p.m.

         Adoption Paperwork - Training needed for completing paperwork with adopter.  Good skills with people and basic training on proper animal introduction into it's new home.




          Are you creative, organized, outgoing? Able to set up and run events? Have special talents such as grant writing or creating on-line events? Fundraising is a much needed area with our animal program. Volunteer today if you can help with this need.


Hands On Work with the Animals


          Grooming and socializing with our animals at our facility.  Becoming a Foster Parent for a dog or cat in our adoption program. Contact us about helping in this way and we can explain what is needed and involved.


          Feeding Feral Cats - We have been active in the TNR (trap, neuter, release program) designed by Alley Cat Allies.  We have 2 colonies in our local area. A volunteer for this would need to be in our local area of Buffalo, MO.


Special Trade Skills


          Are you a carpenter, electrician, plummer, roofer, or handyman? We could use help with repairs and upgrades to our existing facility.


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​Let us know what area of our program you would like to volunteer for. Contact us using facebook, by telephone at 417-733-5068 or email at


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